Space Dunk Initial Blog Post

This week I returned to Champlain College for my final semester, last semester I worked on a game that was cut and now I have joined a new team working on a game called Space Dunk. Space Dunk is a first person competitive multiplayer sports game that takes place in zero gravity arenas. The Space Dunk team asked me to join them to help them create more levels. During this first week we met and talked about what the teams goals for this semester are and what they wanted the new members to focus on. We discussed each of the mechanics that are already implemented and then talked about what mechanics we wanted to add this semester. I spent a lot of time this week doing research into different sports to help inspire my level design. The first thing I did was research real sports like Golf, Football, and Basketball, I wanted to know what made these games compelling. I honestly don’t watch sports but I have several friends that love professional sports and I talked extensively with them. I also looked at other sports games that are not realistic like: Rocket League, Unreal Tournament’s Bombing Run game mode, and Griff ball.

I started conceptualizing a bunch of different ideas I have, at this point in the development process I just wanted to create as many ideas as possible. I showed the list of all the level concepts to the team and had them tell me which ones they liked the best. Now that the list is narrowed down I am going to start sketching out a few different concepts and try to figure out what assets each level will need. The team is in constant communication at this point in the process and its really exciting to see the excitement that everyone has for this project.

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